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Our new, all-purpose Apocalypse Tongs make every fire easy, from charcoal grilling to fire  pits to the demanding accuracy of campfire cooking and Dutch oven  cooking.

2 Colors Available: This is the only model we offer in both gray galvanized and black powder coat. Our gray tongs are made from hot dipped galvanized steel, which makes them rust resistant and literally as tough as nails. 

Fire-Safe Materials: Our black tongs are the same galvanized coating finished with a satin black powder coat that's rated to 1,400 degrees Farhenheit (hotter than burning wood and coal). Even at higher temperatures than that, the coating releases no volatile gases.

Apocaplyse Tongs are not recommended for direct food contact.

Lifetime warranty.

One Tool, Many Uses


This simple, ingenious design takes fire building to a whole new level. Try them once, and you'll wonder how you ever managed without  them.

Precision Grip: Place hot logs and coals with  accuracy, from large pieces to tiny twigs.

Raise, Lower and Move Hot Charcoal Grills: Precisely angled tips allow tongs to function nicely as a handle for hot grills.

Dutch Oven Hooks: The end tips also turn the tongs into a carry handle for Dutch oven pots and lids.

One-Handed Operation: If you've tried scissor-style tongs, you know the struggle. Apocalypse Tongs 


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Fire Tongs 2.0


Fire  Tongs 2.0 feature a narrow, ergonomic grip that makes the perfect blaze  easier and more fun. If you don't plan to use your tongs at the  charcoal grill, these fire tongs for logs are the weapon of choice for  all other applications, including Dutch ovens (and other camp cookware).


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Texas Tweezers


Texas Tweezers are the original Apocalypse Tong  design for all-purpose use; excellent as both coal tongs and fire tongs  for logs.

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