Fireplace Tongs 2.0

Modern Fireplace Tongs 2.0 ... Not Your Daddy's Tongs

Fireplace tools haven’t changed much over the past few centuries, until now. Traditional iron fireplace tongs can only grip logs at a 90-degree angle, rendering them pretty useless when you’re trying to re-organize your fire for a better burn. They require two hands to operate, and they use bolts or rivets, which rust and break over time. Fire Tongs 2.0 are a re-imagined version of an old technology that overcomes these problems.

Fire Tongs 2.0 are made from rust-resistant galvanized steel with no hinges or fasteners to break. They're easy to use with one hand, and you can grip logs, large and small, at a variety of angles for precise positioning, guaranteeing the perfect blaze from start to finish.  

Where to Buy

Apocalypse Fire Tongs 2.0 are available at the Apocalypse Tongs Store and on Amazon. If you're picky about your fire, you'll be needing a pair of these.