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Fire Pit Tongs / Chiminea Tools

Fire Pit Tongs for Fire Afficianados

For a lot of people, a poker stick is adequate for keeping an outdoor fire going, and that's fine. But for experienced fire makers, a poker is frustrating. It doesn't allow you to rotate logs, restack and position them for the best blaze. Our chiminea / fire pit tongs are made for true fire lovers who know how to keep a blaze burning warm and bright.

Apocalypse Tongs give you complete control over log and coal bed placement, so you can always enjoy the perfect fire, from start to finish. They're hand made in America from unbreakable, rust-resistant galvanized steel. Enjoy them, work them hard, then pass them down to your children.

Where to Buy

Apocalypse Fire Tongs are available at the Apocalypse Tongs Store and on Amazon. If you're picky about your fire, you'll be needing a pair of these.