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Campfire Tongs

Campfire Tongs for Cooking, Comfort and Fun

Truly useful campfire accessories and camping gadgets are always fun to find, and Apocalypse Tongs are one of the cooler additions you can make to your campfire kit. Most of us who like to cook outdoors--or just play with the fire--are in the habit of grabbing a long stick to use as a fire poker, and making due with it. But there's a lot you can't do with a stick. Our campfire tongs allow you to lift, rotate and reposition flaming logs exactly where you want them, for a perfect blaze--and a perfect outdoor cooking experience.

Apocalypse Tongs are a new type of campfire cooking equipment, and they make it easy to do exactly what you mean to do at the campfire. There's no other tool like it.

Where to Buy

Apocalypse Fire Tongs are available at the Apocalypse Tongs Store and on Amazon. If you're picky about your fire, you'll be needing a pair of these.