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Apocalypse Tongs are the most versatile outdoor fire tool available. They allow you to position burning logs and hot coals with greater precision than traditional coal and log tongs, for the perfect blaze from start to finish. If you're serious about fire and outdoor cooking, these fire tongs will take you to a new level.

Hand made from rust-resistant galvanized steel in Wichita, Kansas, USA.  




Fire Tongs Re-Imagined

Surgical-Control Fire Tongs for Logs and Coals

"I designed Apocalypse Tongs because traditional coal and log tongs never gave me adequate control over the campfire, fire pit, chiminea, fire place and charcoal grill--and especially for Dutch oven cooking, where temperature and heat control are so important to success.

Most other charcoal and firewood tongs require two hands to operate and offer little control when you're trying to turn a log to a specific rotation and angle. They have moving parts, including rust-susceptible bolts or rivets.

Apocalypse Tongs are of single-piece construction, made from rust resistant galvanized steel. I've been using the same pair for more than a decade. They stay outdoors 100 percent of the time, and to this day, they don't have a spot of rust.

If you've tried other fire tongs for logs and coals--or you're still fumbling around with pokers--Apocalypse Tongs will open up a whole new world of control. You'll stay warmer, food cooked outdoors will taste better, and you'll generally have more fun playing with fire."

--Wynn Ponder


Apocalypse Tongs

Wichita, KS, USA

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Apocalypse Fire Tongs are available at the Apocalypse Tongs Store and on Amazon. If you're picky about your fire, you'll be needing a pair of these.



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Apocalypse Tongs are handy for campfires, chimineas, fire pits, fireplaces and charcoal grills.

You'll buy this tool only once, then pass it down to your children. Apocalypse Tongs are simple but tough, hand made from galvanized steel. They're not the the most glamorous looking tool you'll ever buy, but they're rust-resistant, they're virtually indestructible, and they'll change the way you work with fire.

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"Built to work, built to last"

"This is a tough, effective tool you'll buy once, and it will last forever. Strong, simple, well-engineered design. No other tong on the market does as good a job"

--Bob Hansler

Survivalist, Bushcraft and Primitive Skills Instructor with over 300,000 Youtube subscribers

"These are so cool!"

"Apocalypse Tongs are officially on the Adventure Outdoors Approved Equipment List. They are so cool!"

--Steve Sherron,

 Youtube Adventure Outdoors Channel 

"I love these tongs"

"I’m taking them on every camping trip, from here on out ."

--Lilly in the Wild Youtube Channel

"Easy-to-use fire tongs"

"Excellent  design, this are the most comfortable and easy to use fire tongs. They  are light but at the same time help you manage good size fire woods, one  hand operation is a big plus. I will recommend them."

--Andres G.

"Best fire / camping tool we own"

"Best  things since fire.  We are avid outdoors people.  I have purchased  multiples of these tongs.  One for house, one for camper, etc.  We do  all our cooking while camping with the dutch oven.  To have one tool  that can lift the lid, lift the oven, move big logs to individual coals,  move the cooking racks, and steal the hat off of your unaware 9 year  old.  And do it all securely.  Since owning them everyone that sees them  in use is sold, hence me now buying more sets as gifts."

--Adam D.

"True testimonial:"

(Our favorite review, so far)

"My tongs helped me grill the best steak I ever ate in my life, protected  my house from zombie home invasion, and allowed me to excavate a  meteorite that landed next to my grill. Awesome tool!"



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